Telephone Listing

All phone numbers are in the 432 area code with a prefix of 336. All addresses are located in Fort Stockton, Texas and use zip code 79735.

Person or Location Phone Fax Address
Central Office4000, 4002-40044008101 W Division
Ermy Munoz, Accounts Payable4000 ext 16  
Beverly Olsen/Mr. Traynham4000 ext 11  
Ember Renteria/Mrs. Traynham4000 ext 12  
Waiting Area4000 ext 16  
Lucy Gomez, Payroll & Insurance4000 ext 17  
Delilia Urias, Finance Asst & Benefits4000 ext 10  
Maria Gomez, Finance4000 ext 19  
Work Room4000 ext 22  
Conference Room4000 ext 23  
Break Room4000 ext 24  
Board Room4000 ext 25  

Alamo Elementary4016-40194028804 S Hwy 385

Apache Elementary4161-41624167208 W 18th

Athletics411941101200 W 17th
HPE Building4118  
Swimming Pool4108  
Derrick Taylor, Athletic Director41174148 
Training Room4180  

Building Maintenance40344035800 S Rio

Bus Barn40334038802 S Rio
Cecil Bradshaw, Supervisor4042 ext 74038 

Butz Education Center4121-41224127400 S Young
Bilingual/Sylvia Ogas41234129 
Curriculum/Marlane Burns41264129 
PEIMS/Mary Lou Almendarez4126 4129 

Food Services4030-403140321101 W 2nd
High School Cafeteria4100  
Middle School Cafeteria4130  
Alamo Cafeteria4155  
Apache Cafeteria4166  

Fort Stockton High School4101-410541131200 W 17th
Attendance Office4152  
Athletic Office4119 4110 
Band Hall41144150 
Counselors' Office (Guidance Office)41534107 
Student Services41154109 

Fort Stockton Intermediate School4141-414241471100 W 2nd

Fort Stockton Middle School4131-413241362400 W 5th
Band Hall41284178 

Operations4039 1200 W 2nd

Mechanical Maintenance403641451200 W 17th

Special Services4040-4041
and 4043-4044
40491200 W 2nd

Technology4052, 405540501204 W 2nd
Debra Ezell, Technology Director4055 ext 1  
Gabe Clifton, Systems Analyst4055 ext 2  
Drew Rose, Network Analyst4055 ext 3  
Bryan Davis, Technician4055 ext 4  
James Ontiveros, Technician4055 ext 4  
Adam Kennedy, Webmaster4055 ext 5  
Marissa Perales, Secretary4055 ext 6  
Auto Tech Building4042 ext 7  

Warehouse40374035800 S Rio