Katherine Ramirez

Some of the challenges that I've faced with putting together the play are really finding the characters that we are playing. The play is very dramatic and each character has many levels, and so we've struggled a little to exactly define and create those characters. Each rehearsal we make new discoveries and establish ourselves more and more, so I have all the confidence that we will have our characters set when it comes time for competition. 

We've overcome our character challenges by completely picking them apart. We've gone through numerous characterization activities to help us discover what kind of story each character is trying to tell. Thats's one thing that is difficult about One Act Play: we only have 40 minutes to tell a complex and detailed story. It's finding the special moments of the play that will turn this story into a beautiful production.

Coming into this department, I had no idea what to expect from the kids. I didn't know anyone, didn't know what they were/ weren't capable of, and I can honestly say it's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't change this experience for anything. These kids are so talanted and so committed to making this the best production they've ever put on, and I think it shows. Every day we strive to be better and to do better, and it is all for the good of telling this story. I would like to tell my kids that they've worked hard and that I appreciate all the effort they've put into this, because again, I think it shows. I've been able to see how much they want this by what they do when they're not even being asked. They constantly bring in new ideas and new perspectives to their characters that I can tell that they're focused on this. You can tell by watching them that they're growing through this process, and it's really amazing to able to see that day in and out. I know that we can go far in this process (competition wise) if we just push through the hard part of this process.